The ability to create is one of the most beautiful gifts we have available to us, and I believe it’s as much a responsibility as it is a privilege.

In today’s world with our ease of manufacture it’s quite simple to take the humanity out of creation.
B. is a site of not only my own work, but also work of talented artists I’ve met in my journey who have inspired me with their own form of creativity and individuality.

It is my hope to help connect you, the buyer, silent browser, or fellow artist, with art made with intent by people who love their work and pour their soul into every piece, because it is as much about the process as it is the product in some cases.

I truly hope there is something here for you, whether it be a painting, table, quilt, photograph, or just inspiration.

Peace and good tidings,

Bridget Leen

P.S. If you haven’t noticed I’m still in the process of organizing the site, so if you’re visiting while it’s still a bit of a mess excuse the clutter. I’m just moving in.